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Office Hours...Get Your Most Pressing Golf Questions Answered LIVE... 5x a Week

Every weekday, Top Speed Golf Certified Instructors are standing by to answer your questions... LIVE!


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Here's what you get with Office Hours...

  • No more wondering if you're doing something incorrectly. Just join the daily Office Hours, type in your question, and get your question answered LIVE by a TSG Certified Instructor!
  • Get your daily dose of great instruction... Take a break from your day and join our Office Hours discussion and become more knowledgeable about the game we all love.
  • Insane value! TSG Instructors charge $125/hr for in-person lessons. With Office Hours, you're getting access to an hour of their advice every weekday. Over a year's time, that's over $30,000 worth of Instructor's advice! You get all this for FREE with your All Access Membership!

Here's a quick sample of the detail you can expect from Office Hours...

Getting your questions answered LIVE is simple...

1) First, go to the Office Hours page to check the schedule. From your member home page, click on "Office Hours" in the navigation at the top of the screen.

Office Hours Schedule











2) Come back to the Office Hours page at the date and time that's best for you. Email reminders will be sent to you so you won't miss out. Make sure you edit your reminder schedule below to get reminders for the Office Hours you want to attend.

3) When Office Hours starts, enter in your most pressing question.

4) Your Certified Top Speed Golf Instructor will see and answer your question. The time it takes for our Instructor to answer your question may vary depending upon the total number of questions sent.

Action Required: Select Your Email Reminder Schedule

Get reminder emails shortly before Office Hours starts every weekday.

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Here's what Top Speed Golf members think of Office Hours...

In late 2018, we ran a pilot of Office Hours to get member feedback. Here's what they had to say...

Not only was my question answered but it was explained in great detail. Thank you!  Not that I am asking you guys to raise your rates but you offer an unbelievable price for all of this great info! 

~Ronald M., All Access Member

What a really good idea!  The answers to the questions were really good and informative, and I thoroughly enjoyed the hour. All of the instructors did their best to answer all the questions and seemed genuinely interested in what people had to ask.

I do hope that this office hour is a regular thing.  I have been impressed with this office hour and I have to say that I have learnt more about golf on this website than I ever have by the numerous instructors that I have had. I can now hit the ball better and it has made the game of golf more fun for me.

~John K., All Access Member

It's always good to hear that you are not having the struggle alone, the feedback provided helps us all...

~Harold W, All Access Member

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