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The Entire Top Speed Golf System

Step-by-step courses teaching you the golf swing with my unique approach


100% of the videos in the Top Speed Golf System courses below are exclusive to You won't find them on YouTube or anywhere else.

Course 1: Stable & Fluid Spine

Tired of chunking, thinning, slicing, hooking, topping, and everything else that gets you so mad you could chew through a rock?

If so, this is where you need to start. The Stable & Fluid Spine is the #1 fundamental to your golf consistency.

($47 Value...Included!)

Course 2: Power Turn

You ever wish you could crush the ball 10, 20, or even 30 yards past your friends?

If you want to crush the ball, there's one thing you HAVE TO DO….

...Get a Powerful Turn going back and through. I'll show you how in this course!

($47 Value...Included!)

Course 3: Top Speed Lag

This course needs no introduction. You know the massive amounts of speed that can be generated with huge lag.

I'll show you how to get massive amounts of lag so you can start obliterating your drives.

($47 Value...Included!)

Course 4: Compression Line

Have you ever wondered how the pros hit those crisp shots that "hiss" as they pierce the air?

It's all about compression. And to experience it... you've got to nail your impact alignments, or what I call the "Compression Line."

($47 Value...Included!)

Course 5: Straight-Line Release

So, you've now got a ton of lag... but what do you do with it?

Let it go! The release is all about blasting shots with all that stored-up power by achieving the Straight-Line Release you see in every top player.

($47 Value...Included!)

Course 6: Chipping Mastery

No, the short game's not as sexy as the long game, but for most players, it's the fastest way to shave strokes off your handicap.

You'll get plenty of technique mixed in with lots of fun drills and games!

Chipping Mastery Course Pic

($27 Value...Included!)

Course 7: TSG Putting System

While advanced golf stats may show that putting isn't as important as some of golf's greats have led us to believe...'s still a huge part of the game that you've got to work at in order to make your full swing work pay off.

TSG Putting System Course Image

($27 Value...Included!)

Course 8: TSG Wedge System

If you want to score, you've got to master your wedges. Whether you're trying to get up-and-down for par from the bunker...

...or facing a 50-yard 3rd shot on an easy par 5, you'll have all the shots covered when you're finished with this series.

Wedge System Course Pic

($27 Value...Included!)

Course 9: The Move

"The Move" is a groundbreaking new way to get you to shallow out the club, maintain your lag, square up the club face, and compress the heck out of the ball!

You'll find out what separates the great ball strikers from the poor ball strikers and get my drills to help you close that gap in a hurry.

The Move Course Thumb

($47 Value...Included!)


As you work your way through each course above, you'll be able to visually see your progress, keeping you focused and excited!


New Videos & Bonus Courses Weekly

You'll receive weekly email notifications for new instruction added to the site

Road to 125 MPH Driver Swing Speed

According to "strokes gained" stats, the long game accounts for about 2/3 of the difference between you... and the level you want to reach.

Oh, yeah, bombing a drive 20 yards past your buddies is also pretty fun :-)

While your goal may not be 125 mph, you can use all the same tricks I did to add 5 or 10 mph to your swing speed!​

Road to 125

($37 Value...Included!)

Never Slice Again

Have you been struggling with a weak slice that feels awful and robs you of huge distance?If so, I’ve got the perfect solution for you…

When you follow the drills in this system, you can say goodbye to your slice and hit a powerful draw!

Never Slice Again

($37 Value...Included!)

Stop Your Early Extension

Losing your posture -- or early extension -- is one of the most common problems I see.

To reach your potential, you've got to stay in your posture, and this video series gives you the tools you need to overcome this once and for all!

Stop Your Early Extension

($37 Value...Included!)

Stop Chunking & Topping

Making solid contact with the ball before taking a nice, shallow divot is the name of the game.

This series will work you through a step-by-step progression to eliminate the maddening thin and fat shots that seem to pop up out of nowhere and turn good holes into bad ones.

Stop Chunking & Topping Series

($37 Value...Included!)

Play Your Best Golf After 50!

How would you like to play your best golf after 50 years old? Most people would tell you that it isn't possible. I disagree!

In this course, you'll find out some unique changes that will help your distance and flexibility and get you hitting your best shots ever!

Play Your Best Golf After 50

($37 Value...Included!)

Master Your Mental Game!

Have you ever let one bad hole ruin your round? Have nerves gotten the better of you during a great round? If you're like me, the answer is "yes."

Well, now It's time to sharpen your mental game! This course, with Sports Psychologist Dr. Thad Leffingwell, will get you in the right frame of mind to reach your true potential.

mental game

($37 Value...Included!)

Secret Science to Improve Faster Than Everyone Around You

How would you like to know the secret science to improve faster than anyone you know?

You'll find out how your body learns to be great at golf, how to put it into action, and how to set up the best drills in the world to shoot your lowest score ever!

improve faster than everyone

($37 Value...Included!)

Golf Fitness with Joe Yoon

This workout program was specifically designed by fitness expert Joe Yoon.

It's not generic golf fitness. Instead, Joe Created it so you can do it in-home, while watching TV... even drinking a beer!

golf fitness

($37 Value...Included!)

Never Hook Again

Though less common than slicing, if you suffer from hooks, you know just how scary this shot can be.

In this course, you'll discover what's creating your hook and apply the proper fixes to get it straightened out for good.

never hook again

($37 Value...Included!)

The Vault

Sometimes videos don't fit neatly into a course but still need to be shared with you.

So, we created the Vault. You'll find all kinds of gems stashed in the various Vault categories.

From even more lag videos to golf fitness to Tour pro swing analyses... you'll enjoy hours and hours of some of my best instruction.

Lag Vault Cat Picture

($97 Value...Included!)


New Webinar to Answer Your Questions Each Month

Ask questions and see the answers demonstrated on screen!

Each month, my team of Certified Instructors and I will host a webinar exclusively for you and other All Access Members.

We'll start by discussing an important golf instruction topic...

...but save most of the time to answer your questions.

Each month, you'll receive an email letting you ask any questions you want answered.

The really cool part is that you'll get to see the answers demonstrated on screen!

We can't get through every question every month, but we handle a bunch and pick the most popular questions and make sure those are covered.

And don't worry, they're all recorded so you can watch them anytime you want :-)

how to hit straight iron shots

"First thing I opened was the December webinar as the title was spot on for my current state. I have just watched it for the 4th time as it's one of the best (all encompassing) I have seen! Great Job……..The Q&A section is a perfect tool/reference point..."

-Ronald S. | Cary, NC | Jan 2, 2018


Unlimited Viewing On-Demand & On-the-Go

Create your own "playlist" and watch any video when you want, where you want

​I know you don't have a lot of time to spend sitting at home, sifting through our videos. Do this instead...

  • Save your favorite videos into a playlist so you can quickly access them
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There are also members-only discounts for a variety of items, from the Impact Snap training aid to our 2-day Distance Clinics ($500 savings!).

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